SQA Code of Ethics

Adherence to ethical standard s is a key criterion in earning and preserving the trust placed in the research quality assurance profession and is a requirement for membership in SQA and participation in its activities.

I, as a member of the Society of Quality Assurance, shall:

  • Maintain a high level of personal integrity and professional competence;
  • Act always in a manner that reflects creditably upon my profession;
  • Maintain an objective attitude towards evaluation of facilities, studies or product integrity regardless of any internal or external influences;
  • Protect confidential information;
  • Report findings accurately and honestly and make recommendations impartially;
  • Avoid situations where my professional judgment may be compromised; 
  • Understand, promote and implement the laws, regulations, guidelines and standards applicable to the field of quality assurance and specifically to my position; and
  • Uphold this Code of Ethics in the conduct of my duties and in my professional associations.