Strategic Plan

The strategic planning process is key for SQA to develop a vision of where it will be in the future and determining the best ways to turn that vision into reality. The SQA Board of Directors has developed detailed plans to lead the society and best serve SQA members. 

Society of Quality Assurance Strategic Plan Goals and Objective

with recommendations from the Board of Directors for ownership

Mission Statement
SQA is a professional membership organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the principles and knowledge
of quality assurance essential to human, animal and environmental health.

Vision Statement
SQA will be the premier Quality Assurance professional organization, known as the innovative leader in the following:

  • providing professional development, education and training;
  • creating collaborative relationships with governmental authorities, professional organizations, academia and
  • industry; and
  • participating in the regulatory processes related to human, animal and environmental health.

Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives as of 25 January 2017

 Goal 1
- Provide an international forum for exchange and dissemination of information and knowledge pertaining to quality assurance.

  • Objective 1A:  Increase partnerships and strengthen relationships with international QA organizations and professionals.
  • Objective 1B:  Foster development of QA professionals from regions not otherwise represented by a national or regional QA society.
  • Objective 1C:  Foster the outreach program for individuals living in low and middle income countries as designated by the World Bank;
  • Objective 1D:  Provide education and training for QA professionals


Goal 2 - Advance the profession by: 

  • Objective 2A:  Facilitating interactions with governmental organizations and their representation
  • Objective 2B:  Facilitating interactions with academia
  • Objective 2C:  Facilitating interactions with industry
  • Objective 2D:  Facilitating interactions with professional societies that share the SQA goals of advancing principles and knowledge essential to human, animal and environmental health
  • Objective 2E:  Promoting the RQAP program globally
  • Objective 2F:  Promoting professional publications
  • Objective 2G:  Providing opportunities for career development

 Goal 3
-  Promote industry perspective and awareness of global regulatory issues that affect our professional and business communities.

  • Objective 3A:  Initiate discussion, educational opportunities and publications
  • Objective 3B:   Engage with legislative and governmental bodies and collaborative organizations to
    promote compliance in regulated studies (e.g. RRT)


Goal 4 - Promote honesty, integrity, and the ethical conduct of society members.
  • Objective 4A:  Increase the awareness of ethical behavior in the Quality Assurance profession

 Goal 5
- Strengthen SQA’s structure, operations and communications to better serve a growing and developing
  • Objective 5A:  Communicate SQA’s structure and operations to the membership
  • Objective 5B:  Develop more qualified candidates for SQA leadership positions
  • Objective 5C:  Increase participation in the Annual Meeting
  • Objective 5D:  Increase participation in the Regional Chapters, Specialty Sections and other meetings
  • Objective 5E:  Increase the use of technology tools in education and training and to enhance overall SQA operations
  • Objective 5F:  Increase quality of the SQA publications
  • Objective 5G:  Increase the number of Registered Quality Assurance Professionals
  • Objective 5H:  Strengthen financial stewardship program
  • Objective 5I:  Expand the SQA membership
  • Objective 5J: Record and preserve and present the history of SQA

SQA Strategic Plan with SWOT Analysis (Adobe PDF)