Mentoring Program Committee (MPC)

The Mentoring Program Committee (MPC) is a volunteer committee. Members are representatives from the various SQA Specialty Sections and Committees. The MPC administers the SQA Mentoring Program by evaluating Mentor/Mentee applications and facilitating professional relationships.

Mission Statement

The Committee’s mission is to provide a valuable resource to SQA through the administration of a Mentoring Program for its members.

The vision of the program is to impart an enriching experience to Mentees by providing a basis to interact with successful experts, receive personalized feedback and encouragement, and acquire new technical knowledge and skills. It is intended that Mentors will gain opportunities to augment mentoring skills, obtain new technical information, increase their professional networks, and gain recognition as subject matter experts in their given fields.

MPC Current Activities

  • Facilitating mentoring cycles
  • Monitoring partnership progress
  • Refining processes and procedures
  • Standardizing program administration
  • Recruiting new Committee members

No person, organization, or other entity is permitted to reproduce any part of the SQA Mentoring Program without the express permission of SQA.

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The MPC operates under approved SOPs:

SOP MP-01.00

This SOP describes the Mentoring Program Committee mission, responsibilities, and operating procedures. Go to this file if you are thinking of joining or have just joined the MPC or have any questions regarding the Committee procedural conduct.

SOP MP-02.00

This SOP describes how the Mentoring Program Committee establishes and implements Mentoring Partnerships and related activities. Go to this file if you have any questions regarding how partnerships are developed and managed by the Committee.