RQAP Overview and Historical Perspective

Volunteers serving on SQA's Council on Professional Registration (CPR), as well as many other participants from SQA, have invested thousands of hours and funds from personal and employer resources to investigate the utility and feasibility of professional registration in quality assurance disciplines. The examination for professional registration in GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) Quality Assurance has been administered annually since the first examination in 1997.  The exam has included OECD GLPs since 2003.  For more information on the development of the RQAP-GLP registration process, please see our brief Professional Registration Slide Show.  For information on becoming a Registered Quality Assurance Professional in GLP, please go to the RQAP-GLP Examination page.

To expand the RQAP program, volunteers serving on the Clinical Specialty Section and on the CPR invested the hours and resources necessary to develop an examination for professional registration in GCP (Good Clinical Practice) Quality Assurance.  The RQAP-GCP examination was offered for the first time in 2007.  For more information, please go to the RQAP-GCP Examination page.

SQA collaborates with an independent professional testing services provider to analyze the quality assurance profession and to develop registration examinations.  This process represents a significant effort by SQA to promote high professional standards throughout the Quality Assurance profession, as envisioned in SQA's Bylaws.  Becoming a registered Quality Assurance professional demonstrates in individual’s commitment to these high professional standards.  This voluntary program is not restricted to SQA members, but is open to any person meeting the requirements to take the examination and maintain registration.